How can there be 23513 members when on average, there’s about 5/6 listeners holding on at any given


And don’t be like, “uhh not all members talk at the same time”
You know I’m right.

Category: asked October 23, 2013

6 Answers

There are many reasons:

Users that register are the ones that prefer community interaction over 1-on-1 chat.
Those that use the chat most likely don't register for the community until some months after.
Most members use Private messaging, QnA and forums.

Most people chat during the late-night

Just because the number says 8 Listeners holding on, doesn't mean there are 8 people chatting. That is the number of people waiting to be -paired up-.
This means there's usually 10% the amount of users waiting than the amount of total users chatting at that given time.

The current average is between 50-120 people chatting at any given time during the day.
So if you see 7 people waiting to be paired, usually there probably about 70-80 people chatting at that that time.

If you see about 15 people waiting to be paired, there's about 150 people total chatting at that time.

This of course is not a completely accurate depiction as the ratio of Listeners:Venters changes all the time. So even if you do see 4 Venters waiting, it could mean much more people are actually paired and are currently chatting than 40 estimated.

However what is certain is that more people chat at night than during the day, and that a low amount "holding on" does not mean there is a low amount of users chatting at that given time.
Through the day im in q&a, its mainly night time i go onto the live chat and only if i have a spare few hours because i hate the idea of going into chat as a listener and then not being able to give the venter the time they need.lots of love xx
i'm on. and i'm not in the vent/listen chat. i'm reading the qna. i wonder if a lot of folks do that over chatting in the vent/listen chat?
Im on this site a lot during the week days but I have never been in the chat. Maybe people don't feel comfortable or have time to be in the chat?
There are way less venters then listeners at any given point. When I listen, I usually wait up to 3-5 minutes so it is alright. Also, Quality over Quantity.
well I guess that cleared that up..