How can people have so much hurt and pain in their lives?


Pretty much, exactly what my question asks…. More just a thought that has been on my mind the last few years and specifically the last month and a half while being a listener on this site.

I am just amazed at the amount of pain and suffering some people are going through today, especially those who are so young and basically just wonder why anyone should ever have to go through that amount of anguish.

Category: asked December 8, 2013

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You know I think everyone wonders that. What I try to do is think about is that through all of this pain and suffering that is what we do get out is some really amazing people. Through the most trouble and adversity brings the best and strongest.
I ask myself that everyday. I dont like the pain, I want it to go away, I want to be truly happy. It's just everywhere I look I see something I wish I could be or something I envy. I'm amazed at myself to be honest, I dont know why I'm sad.
i wish everybody would just LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY.
I grew up wondering that, and now that I am on the other end of the pain and suffering I feel like I have found an answer.Everything I have been through has shaped who I am today. Some of it helped make me a more sensitive and emotional person, while some of it created someone who was hurt and insecure. I've worked through what's happened to me in my life and found inner peace, and once I was able to do that I realized that although I wish no one else had to go through so much either, at least I can be there for them to talk to because I've experienced it and gotten through it myself. Whether it be family issues, depression, suicidal thoughts, experiencing someone die right before my eyes, etc. I can help a variety of people with a variety of problems because I've already been through it myself. People who go through hurt and pain who are able to work through it and get to the other side of it have a chance to be some of the most sensitive, emotional, helpful and fantastic people because they've been through so much hurt and pain and made it through it.