Okay so I’m 15 years old. I’m a girl. My name is Jade. My parents are very strict. I can’t date, I can’t leave the street. or my small neighborhood. I can’t go over my friends house, and I have to be in the house at 4 pm. everyday.!!! WHAT.. They don’t trust me, and just cause they made mistakes when they were young they think I will turn out the same way. My dad is an alcoholic and an women abuser, he fights me and my mom. He punched me in the face twice just cause i was late coming home, I came in the house at 4:36. And my mom said I am going to get in trouble when my dad came home, he came home drunk at 2 AM and punched me and we fought and I really want to run away but I have no money cause my dad said He doesn’t want me working. .. I don’t know what to do. I want him mainly out my life, but I want both of my parents to trust me..

Oh one more thing, I have a boyfriend and his birthday is today and he asked if we could go on a date to Red Lobster and I said I can’t and so he asked could he take my bestfriend and I said go ahead; They kinda like each other.. ALOT. and so they are going out on a date cause they have their freedom as teens while I can’t do anything, and I’m treated like a prisoner.. PLEAAASEE HELLPP MEEE.. NEXT STEP IS SUICIDE.

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I understand how frustrated you must feel right now and how hard it might be, especially when these things are out of your control. But please don't be so ready to give up just yet. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem and your depression and frustration are blinding you to other options.

Strict rules are one thing, but abuse is another. Even if your father is an alcoholic, it's no excuse to hit you or your mother. Ever. You need to tell an adult you trust that your father is abusive. Your mother should not be letting him do that to you, but it doesn't sound like that's the case, so talk to a school counselor, church counselor, teacher, anyone who will listen. You can call CPS and have them come investigate and if they find the abuse to be true, they will take you away from your parents. It might be hard for a while, but things will get better after that.

If you ran away, your parents could just have the police bring you back because you're not 18. Once you are 18, though, you can legally leave your home and your parents can't stop you. If they call the police, they might find you, but they won't force you back home because you will be a legal adult.

Please take suicide off the table. Your life will get better and you aren't going to be living with your parents forever. The sooner you can confide in a trusted adult, the sooner things will change.
First of all remember this, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Don't let your father or mother ever put you down. I don't know what the system is in your country, but i suggest you either get out of this living situation or bear with it quietly for another 3 years till you're able to stand on your own feet.Second, you have a boyfriend and you say he likes his best friend. So why are you still dating him?
These people are all bossy. Kill yourself if you want to, kitten, but just understand that you're going to miss out on most of the things that make life wonderful and worth living. You'll never fall in love, become a mother, see your favorite band in concert, travel the world, discover a new favorite food? And the Socchi Winter Olympics? You're gonna miss those too. I know your situation seems bleak, but that just means there's huge room for improvement, and it's always darkest right before the dawn. Again, it's your life, your choice, your ride. You do what you please. But are you sure you've given happiness a fair shot? You've got so much time...
Hello Jade, you did the right thing in reaching out.

Your situation is severe, and you are right; you need help immediately.

Your father fits all the signs of abusing controller. He isolates you and your mother for his own benefit, he is cruel, and you need to get out before his violence escalates any further. Most abuse victims end up being murdered by their abuser. You are in very real danger. Get out.

You have several options.

Firstly: You need proof. Take pictures; of your environment, of the proof of his alcoholism, of the bruises. Borrow a camera or camera-phone from a friend. Get video evidence that it is your house and that is the interior of your house. Hide recording devices during fights and get audio evidence of the abuse. (DO NOT INSTIGATE A FIGHT TO GET THIS). Once you have tangible evidence of your abuse, then you can move forward, because every authority figure will have the burden of proof laying upon them to provide you with any help. Hearsay and he-said-she-said ties the hands of anyone who would use the law to protect you. Help them to help you by providing them with undeniable proof.

Secondly: Your school. The counselors at your school are legally required to report abuse to CPS and the police. Provide them with the proof of the abuse, and you will see very swift action taken in getting yourself and your mother the help that you need.

Thirdly: Go straight to the police with proof of the abuse. They will immediately move to remove you and your mother from the abuse, and they will arrest your father. Talk to your mother about obtaining an order of protection from your father so that he can't come home and take revenge for breaking up his house of human punching bags.

Finally: Do not be afraid. You do not have to live with that abuse, so don't. Your mother is probably just too scared to do anything about it, so don't give her the chance to betray your actions to your father and subject you to further abuse. Once your father is out of the picture, your mother will have the chance to think more clearly without living under his fist.

PLEASE keep in contact with us, Jade. If you feel like you might hurt yourself or someone else, immediately contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Their lines are open 24 hours a day.

Never forget that you matter, and you are NOT alone.
And never even think of committing suicide, because then you're letting every single person that has gone out of their way to make you miserable, feel like they have won. You cannot take the coward's way out. My advice is live. That is the best way to show the haters that they can't bring you down
talk to me im garth
Well, if your father abuses you, and your mother allows it, you should talk to a older adult, like when you are at school, or something and just find a way to seek help secretly, killing yourself isn't the right way to solve this problem. I know things are happening, and it's getting horrible and you very stressed out about this, but think. If you get the right help, everything can be fixed, and you should be alive to see it..
Please talk to someone please dont kill yourself there is hope. Use the time that you have when your free to go talk to a counsellor or someone and dont be afraid you can get it all worked out. What is important is your safety and you should feel a lot more freedom then you do. Everybody has potential to have a better life please stay with us you can talk to me any time if you like.
Please say something so we know that you are with us :(