How can I tell me friend that she is sleeping around too much?


we are college students and have been friends since our first year and best friends since. she is a christian and i am not but our differences are fine.
she is currently jump from one guy to the next so fast that I can’t even keep up.
she has contracted an STD a couple of times and she is not picking the best guys either.
she said she wants a husband in life.. but gets with the guys with no further.. or an athlete.. and now she’s been threw a few of them.
I have talked to her sister who feels the same.
but what can i do?

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That's tough. I would mention it to her sometime when she's in an open mood, and tell her that you're concerned she's putting herself in danger from STDs and such. It's important to remember, though, that it IS her life, and it is her choice how often and with whom she wants to have sex.
Maybe you should remind her of her beliefs as I think she might be a "christian" but does not have the values of Christianity concerning the issue of sleeping around with guys. If you don't know the bible ask her what does it says about sleeping around with guys or ask her sister to tell you about it so you can remind her of certain values she and everyone should be having because in the long run, sleeping around with various people is not healthy. That would possibly help if she is a christian.
I would say that if it shows you are bringing it up because you are concerned about her happiness or what her actions might do to it, you will have a better chance of getting through to her. I like the things that monkeyingaround1999 and Blossoming_road have said. I would also say that you might be able to help guide her to finding the answer she needs by asking questions. And what I mean by that is that you know her well enough to know what questions might cause her to think (maybe for the first time, or maybe not) about the possible consequences of her actions both physical and emotional. If all else fails, your efforts at being a friend will allow you to be there at her side should she suffer any kind of hardship.
It's her life, she can have sex with however many guys she wants, she isn't a slut. But concerning the STDs, I think she needs to be aware she needs to be a bit more careful and make sure she's safe.
(clears throat)please know theres nothing you can do.. in the end she doesnt care what anyone thinks and she's gonna keep doing what she wants... instead of talking behind her back about her personal issues just stop associating with her. doesnt mean you have to stop being friends but you dont need to be hanging out with her if you feel this way towards her, you know? it's really no ones business what she does but her own, we need to worry about ourselves and how this is affecting us. so think about it again and this time think about how it involves you.
That's rough.I would say that there's nothing you cant do because its her life, and she's going to do whatever she wants whenever she pleases because you don't control her. I understand that you're concerned about her, so I think you should just remind her of her upcoming and her goals in life, but DO NOT shame her or insult her. A true friend would not judge her for the things she's done, but just recommend and advise her because that's what friends are supposed to do. You cant just stand idly by and let her sleep around with anyone, contracting who knows what. Find a way to advise her without trying to seemingly take over her life or be extremely pushy.
"so you can remind her of certain values she and everyone should be having"Are you out of your mind?
Hi TheRipper, no i'm not. I don't mean religious values. More of keeping personal health and safety in that instance. At least I am not rude to you, saying anything mean about you because you ask me if i'm out of mind. You could at least answer the OP question instead of coming to say that. Well, I don't mind you ask me if i'm out of mind, but it is not what this question was meant for, neither this answer of mine explaining myself to you. I have my mind in tact. Thank you for your interest concerning that though.
@blossoming_road That is because there is nothing you can say that is going to get to me, obviously. Actually that is exactly what questions are meant for, discussion of opinions and answers to things some people are confused about. It is rather interesting though, how you have a need to explain yourself. And just to be clear, at no point was I ever concerned about you, that would imply that I would care about other people, pff :)