How can I talk to my crush?


Okay so I like this guy that came from Africa , but now lives in America, We are in 9th grade. We are both 15 he’s turning 16 in a couple weeks.. Thats besides the point. I’ll describe him.. Tall. Light Skinned, Light Brown eyes and Brown hair, and has the Cutest heart melting french accent ever!!! I told my bestfriend I like him and she told him when I wasn’t lookin, when we were all walkin back to class from lunch. And he looked up at me, and everyone said he was smiling extra hard. & He said ‘Why didn’t I tell him myself’ And she said she doesn’t know.. Okay so we haven’t really talked about that subject again. Few weeks later his friend said Do I like Yohan ? (french boy) I said Yes.. and he told him and he said “I know” , but yet we still haven’t talked about it, or he hasn’t asked me out. Does he not like me. He doesn’t know much about me anyways. But once in awhile I catch him staring at me. and I feel insecure cause what if he doesn’t like what he sees. I have plenty of opportunities to walk up to him and start a conversation.. But I freeze up and I get scared and back down. And then I feel sad and depressed all day cause I can’t talk to him. U_U what do I do? what do I talk about? how do i get him to like me!! ?!? Please help !!

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2 Answers

He's in your school. He's probably seen you before. He already knows you like him (and seems to like you back). He's probably hoping you'll make the first move.

You can talk about classes, homework and which teacher reminds you the most of Dumbledore (or whoever is cool to you whippersnappers nowadays). You don't need to have a planned script (in fact, it's best if you don't). All you need to do is walk over and say "Hi Yohan". It's two words, that's it.

You can do it, I promise.
just walk up to him and make a conversation. be yourself cause if he likes you, he'll like you for you and not the fake person you're pretending to be.