How can I stop worrying?


I am a worrier… I worry a lot and it is affecting my mental stability and my health.. How do I release all these things that I am worried about? Please Help!

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I have dealt with anxiety problems for almost my whole life. A lot of times talking to a friend can help, but I often feel uncomfortable doing that. I would start writing, but I never get too specific or else I start noticing even more things I didn't see before. I write poetry a lot and it really provides a great stress/worry release I never had before. Or, I write a song and sing it (sounds weird, but it's actually fun!). If you're worried about specifics, write them down and see which ones you can fix or get rid of, and then make a plan to find a fix to each of them. However, in the very end, the most important thing is that you love yourself and you tell yourself every day that you are a good person no matter what, and you are stronger than this worrying that is taking up your mind. If you think you may have a serious anxiety disorder, talk to your doctor, and I promise that he/she will give you lots of options and ideas to solve your anxiety. :)
I worry all the time, I've dealt with a lot of anxiety in the past, most teens/young adults do at least for a time. I used to write tons of crappy poetry, haha. (I've always been a really harsh critique of myself, aren't we all?). I also had a good support group of friends I could vent too when it got to be overwhelming. And while venting is good and can help there are times it's a lot better to go DO something. Going for a solo walk (or with my family's dog) was so simple but also really relieving. Especially when it was a cool day, the fresh air helped clear my head. Likewise if you have a sport you enjoy, or something like dance (which should count as a sport in my mind but saying it anyway) I would say do that! Physical exercise is really great as an outlet. It's hard to worry when you're focused on moving. You could also try video games, puzzle games or math, deep breathing exercises and music, taking a long shower, painting, drawing, MAKING things is great.....If you're constantly worried about seemingly insignificant things that could indicate an anxiety disorder (which is common) and you might just want to check in with a doctor about it and see if you might want to try medicine for it.I think it's important to also think about WHAT makes you worry. Is there a pattern? Can you break that pattern somehow? Maybe there's one big thing stressing you out lately and that stress is seeping into other parts of your life. Moving, schools, family troubles, thinking of the future.... If there's something causing stress, find it and maybe you can deal with it directly and feel better c:I hope you find something that helps.
thank you... I write poetry as well. I've tried writing, but I've seem to come to an extreme writers block. I seem to have so much to release, and nowhere to start. I over think what I want to say, and end up giving up and holding it all in because I feel like Im trying to do it... and writing use to come so easily to me.. Having to try to do it makes it seem less genuine to me.. I've begun to worry about writing to the point that I am unable to write... It's been this way for quite a few months.
I don't know what you're worrying about but I understand with the whole writing thing. Sometimes when you pressure yourself to do something it just makes you not want to do it. Exercising can help you release some of the tension for sure. Talking to a good listener and someone who is understanding and can give you insight can help you get a better grip on things. Hmmm getting enough sleep also goes a long way.