how can i stop being suicidal?


My life is decent; roof over my head, kind of financially stable family, good friends, caring boyfriend, but of course, there’s a flaw. I’m severely depressed. My boyfriend has not a clue. My very best friend refuses to try to help me because she doesn’t want me to drag her down. One of my other best friends just found out today of my problems. My parents force counseling on me, counseling that isn’t helping. Okay, I’m sorry for publicly venting. But I legitimately have a question.
What can I do, that I haven’t tried, to stop being so suicidal?

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1 Answer

You really want to know? Then figure out what it is you're depressed about. Everyone has a reason, even if they haven't figured out what is yet. What is missing that you need? Suicide is a reaction to hopelessness, so what do you not have hope for anymore? When you can answer that, you can start figuring out how to fill that hole.