How can I speak confidently to new people without making the conversation/situation akward?


I am very shy sometimes butI can say that I can talk to some people but not all. When I talk to people specifically when this type of person is attractive and very sociable and high maintenanced sometimes, Im studying right now in this prestigious school we have here and its usually full of high maintenanced people and im kinda exposed to that kind of environment everyday. I kinda get stuttered, and whenever I talk its missing a lot of conjunctions sometimes and it usually ends up very akward until we have this kind of akward silence where we never get to talk anymore or look at each other anymore . So how can I make a very fun and entertaining conversation with new people that will make us friends at the end of the convo?

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3 Answers

Simple. You just have to be yourself. When you talk, think of the things you want to say, not the things you think the person will say. You get me? Don't worry, I experienced that too. Like I stutter and the conversation ends awkwardly.
One strategy is is to find common ground between you. Since you're talking to other students like yourself you can talk about classes, school activities, sports, groups, etc. If you discover that they are interested in anything you bring up, you can use that as a reason to get together later again. From there you can build a friendship.
One thing you can try is to ask questions and let them talk. People love talking about themselves. As they talk, listen and relate. Then you should be able to respond with things you have in common.