How can I manage my mood shifts?


I am bipolar and 20 years old. I’m worried that I won’t be able to manage my moods effectively. I change moods about twice a day and the mood shifts are extreme. Do you have advice for when I’m stressed at work? Or restless at home?

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1 Answer

I agree with @Huggable Cactus. You should write down your thoughts. Then study and avoid such scenarios. When u r stressed at work try changing your place or walk for 2-3 minutes, do deep breathing exercises. You can control the mood shifts to a certain extent with safe medications too. Epic Jatamansi by Prakruti JiyoFresh can be of great help. Try doing new things at your home. New recipies, new decor. It adds to your creativity and helps you stay occupied. All the best, dear. Take care.