How can I make myself go outside?


I have social anxiety and a fear of being in public. Everyone always seems to stare at me and I feel like they’re talking about me behind my back. At the same time, I hate always staying inside, it’s depressing…

Category: asked July 16, 2013

3 Answers

you need to explore the cause of the anxiety. it would help if you had a patient and attentive friend or family member to talk to about this; otherwise, it's better to turn to a therapist.

you cannot make yourself go outside. you can learn to go outside by gradually changing your perception. it can be a very tough road to handle on your own, so if you can, please look for help.
one step at a time. do you know the show shameless (US version). the lady does not want to leave her house, but she eventually did one step at a time and when something she needed to protect that was outside, she ran to help it.
have you tried conditioning? if you are strong enough not too cave in, then maybe try conditioning yourself, set a date, day one one step outside the door, day two two steps day three four steps, day fjve sux steps day six seven steps and so on......or hire a counsler to guide you every step of the way.....and most importantly....NEVER Give up.