How can I improve my self esteem and over come social anxiety?


How can I improve my self esteem and over come my social anxiety? I was just shy, but now my social anxiety is causing me not only social but also academic problems, for example: I can’t work in teams (I don’t work if I’m being watched), my classmates are complaining, they don’t understand my problem (my fear).

asked November 1, 2014

4 Answers

To increase self esteem my motto is 'fake it til' ya make it' with self esteem. You may not feel confident or beautiful but try and attempt to feel such. Everyday tell yourself ''I'm beautiful, I'm worthy, and I'm awesome'. Wear clothes that make you feel good. Be the best 'you' can be. When people give you compliments, believe them.For social anxiety what I do and what I would recommend is when you find yourself feeling anxious (even the smallest bit anxious) take deep breaths and count to five. Try telling yourself ''I can do this'' and when it comes to a particular event (such as first day of school, job hiring, cookout/picnics, and socializing with people,etc. ) Try to not overthink but 'What's the worst that can happen?" Socializing with people can be pretty scary so I think it's important to remind yourself that your worries aren't as bad as we think they are.
I can't help with the self-esteem, but I can tell you how I helped my social anxiety. It was very gradual and requires commitment, but it really does help. Basically, just start doing things by yourself. I know it sounds terrifying, but once you do it a couple times and nothing terrible happens, you'll be able to do more. I started with going to the movie theater by myself (it's dark so no one will see you and if you go after the film has been out for a while you won't have to sit near anyone.) Then I started going grocery shopping by myself. I can go anywhere by myself now. I'm still suspicious of people and what they might be thinking or saying about me, but it doesn't bother me like it used to. Once you become comfortable being BY yourself, you'll start to become comfortable WITH yourself even if you don't necessarily like yourself. I know I sound dumb, but that's just how it is. Haha. Also lots of sugar helps. Anything that makes you hyper/energetic when you have to be around people who make you uncomfortable XD
If struggled with this problem before but I had to overcome it....I'm an ex addict but I gave my life to the Lord and he called me to preach it hard to get up on stage and talk lol my worst fear.....I know this sounds crazy but I overcame this social anxiety by speaking to myself in the mirror I would speak good things over myself and it helped build my confidence and my self-esteem....I believe social anxiety takes place by trying to view yourself thru the eyes of's a bad thing to do..Just write motivational quotes on your mirror and eventually you'll see yourself by what you say about yourself.....if this doesn't help I'm have several ideas how to overcome this problem just feel free to message me
Firstly, you need to believe in yourself, and believe in the fact that you CAN be a person with a better self esteem and you CAN overcome social anxiety. :) Humans are not perfect, and everyone has flaws, but we should try to focus on the our good side, which makes us feel more confident. Try to think less about your negative sides and what people think about them;always have a positive mindset, these will reduce your insecurities. Stand straight with a constant smile on your face. :) Now, I understand it can be difficult for you to communicate with others sometimes...but you need to look past what stops you from expressing yourself. To do that, you must first recognize what exactly makes you anxious and then try to eliminate those thoughts with proper reasons. Realize that people are not always judging you or noticing your flaws. Start by talking to a small group of people, and get to know more people, talk to them about their interests, and you will find that its actually not that difficult. You can only overcome the anxiety when you get yourself out there and start communicating, no matter how hard it seems at first. Good luck :)