How can I get rid of my trust issues?


I’ve suffered from depression and self harm for years. Every time I tell someone, they try to help for awhile, but then they get frustrated with me and leave. This happens every single time and so I’ve gotten used to it and learned not to trust anyone.
But now I have this boyfriend who knows about my issues with self harm and depression and he cares about me a lot but I’m still afraid to let him in, afraid he might leave. Any advice on getting over my trust issues and learning to let him in?

Category: asked February 22, 2014

3 Answers

You could talk to him about it a little bit, and if he really seems interested and caring for you and your problems, let him know more. Its not easy putting the trust in a person and sharing this kind of stuff to anyone, if he needs to know that you should tell him. If you dont feel he cares as much as he should then you should reconsider getting any closer to him, this could only result in a far worse situation of trust that he does not deserve
you should cautiously trust people don't shut them out and don't let them completely in,until they prove to you that they are worthy of your trust,if you think that your boyfriend will never give up on you then tell him more about you bit by bit ,don't tell him everything at once
Trusting is hard, knowing who to trust is harder.
The best thing to do is to trust him, but dont rely on him. People have faults andIf he leaves you need to be able to cope afterwards. Does that make sense?
I think the best thing is, is to get the balance right. The balance between trusting and relying. To trust someone and let them in is good, its really helps. But relying on someone too much is bad, a little bit is good but too much is dangerous.
Does that make sense? (Probably not)