how can i get over bad friends?


I just got away from a very clique type of group of friends. I realized that they weren’t really my friends and started to distance my self from them because i don’t see them changing anytime soon. I was afraid of getting arrested because of them, and didn’t want to deal with the drugs, guns, and love triangles.
The hardest part about it now is that one of my current friends still really wants to be friends with them, and i don’t trust her not to get involved with them and bring them back into my life.
I don’t really have a support group of friends because most of them were part of this group, and i don’t want to ring any of my other friends into this drama.
Don’t know how to get over the guilt the put on me when i left, is someone whiling to listen?

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1 Answer

Distancing yourself from that group of girls was definitely the right thing to do, so don't feel guilty about that. I know this is easier said than done, but you should try making new friends, start over and leave whatever bad decision/people you have/had in your life behind. I've been through a similar situation as you're going through now, don't worry this is just a little bump on the long road you've got ahead of you. Keep your head up.