How can I get him back?


My boyfriend recently broke up with me because his sister wants him to move with her to Oregon in about two years, and he didn’t want it to hurt more when those two years are up. But it just hurts. We still text but my heart sinks every time we talk because I still obviously love him. He says he still feels the same way. He’s also very stubborn, so convincing him into trying this out again will be hard. It’s two years away though! Two!!! Please, if you have any advice on getting him back, I’d be so happy to hear it.

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3 Answers

I agree with Ed if hes using an excuse that is two years away i would really question his motives. I know its hard but I think the best thing for you is to move on and find someone who wants to spend as much time as they can with you and values you more. I don't think this is really someone you want to try to get back together with.
How old are you? Maybe you could move with him..or maybe if he really loved you enough he would try to make it work. I don't mean to be harsh and he could genuinely be a good guy who just wants from the both of you getting hurt but it just seems fishy. It seems like he could have commitment issues considering that it is 2 years away and he refuses to make long distance work, I don't know all I know is that you deserve someone who fights tooth and nail to be with you. Someone who doesn't just give up. He seems like a quitter and he also seems like he's stringing you along. He obviously knows you still love him and he tells you he feels the same way but then doesn't want to be with you? Why isn't be fighting for your love?? I know its hard, crazy hard but one day you will find someone who loves you enough to walk across hot coals for you :). You deserve a fighter and your boyfriend seems weak but your not your strong and your going to make it through this and your going to find someone even hotter and better and he's gonna be living in Oregon hahah :) Stay strong Girly Blahtherapy loves you
I think you should move on from this guy. He doesn't sound like he really wants you..