How can I get a job while depressed


I suffer from depression and anxiety and struggle to find a job I’d be comfortable in, nearby enough to get to without my anxiety stopping me and that will have me. My failed interviews are making it worse and its all a vicious cycle. Any ideas? UK

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2 Answers

Perhaps you should see your doctor and ask for some anti-depressants or anxiety pills. Both or one of those should help you move on.
If you're against taking medication, than I'd suggest you find a therapist and figure out what causes this and figure ways to help yourself move on.
If you're against therapists or simply cant afford one, than I suggest you start looking into alternative homeopathic medication and see if that helps.
If you are against that or find it not to work, perhaps you should look online ways to cope with depression and anxiety (meditation, for example)
I hope this is a help to you, take care and may you live long and prosper.
honestly, i would say to make sure that you get a job doing something that you enjoy. you dont want to be stuck being miserable and being around people that make you feel like crap. maybe try getting a job at one of your favorite stores or something?