How can I get a guy without looking like a model?


I am not trying to have a pity-party at all, I am just genuinely asking this.

Guys can just be so stupid and they think looks are the only thing thats important in a girl. I know that I have a lot to offer, but guys just can’t see that because I don’t have a beautiful figure or a perfect, model-like face.

Is there a way that I can get a guy without being super pretty? They are all attracted to my friends, because my friends are beautiful without makeup, and I don’t even look pretty when I wear makeup.

Can someone please help me?

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5 Answers

Be yourself. . Being anything other than yourself will just draw unwanted attention and boy who don't care about anything other than looks. You need to be yourself at ALL times. You need to LOVE yourself even more than anyone else could ever love you. How can someone else like you when you don't even like yourself? Think about that. You don't need makeup to be beautiful. You need to always remember that the inside effects the outside. You already know that you have a lot to offer so what's the problem? Do not change yourself to be other people's standards of beauty! Like I said before: Be yourself. Because then, you will attract boy who love you for who you ARE, not what you LOOK like.
The quickest way to acquire a meaningful relationship is to remain true to your own personality. Being genuine and confident in one's self is one of the sexiest traits a person can have. When people have this personality trait, it definitely manifests itself in their appearance. Nobody needs to look like a model in order to maintain a fruitful relationship.

Another piece of advice - learning to love yourself unconditionally is the key to loving others. Always, always, always work on building a healthy relationship with yourself. In the end, the relationship with someone else will be much more successful. Good luck :)
Stop looking at guys that only want you if you look a certain way. Your worth is not tied to your appearance; your beauty, and you absolutely do not want to be with anyone who is of the opinion that it is.

You already know that you are worth more than your face-value appearance, so get yourself away from people that still think that way. You will find people who value you for yourself, just stay patient and don't let the shallow masses get to you. It is the job of the fashion industry to make people feel less attractive and to aspire to the "norm" that they create. So ignore fashion.
Be yourself. You want the guy who noticed you when no one else did, because he will treasure you for what and who you are.
I work a job where men pay me based on my appearance and TRUST ME that men like ALL types of girls. Some nights I'm busy all night, some nights I have zero. This job has made me realise that it really doesn't matter what size body, hair colour, nose, face, fashion you have, there are lots of people that will find you beautiful. Perfect on fact. And you are perfect if you are a nice person, simple.