How can I feel again?


I’ve had depression for almost 8 years and it has gotten so much worse and all that is left of me and my emotions is this clawing numbness that I can’t stand and I hate and I don’t know what to do anymore. I struggle to get myself out of bed in the morning, I don’t go outside anymore like I used to, I quit clubs that I used to really enjoy and gave up hobbies that used to give me so much joy. I just don’t see the point in anything anymore and I can’t handle it.
I’m on medication and I have therapists but none of it really seems to be helping. I just want to feel something again. For years I self harmed but I’m trying so hard to stop but it’s the only way that I can feel and I can’t handle how close I keep getting to relapsing.
Is there any way that I can just feel something again?
Just anything? Just for a moment.

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4 Answers

Most psychological problems tend to present with their solution. The answers are just elusive because people are willing to lie to themselves to avoid their problems.

Too angry, depressed? Identify your triggers and whether you're thinking straight about what angers or depresses you.

It takes some effort, but you can identify what triggers your depression. Often, when you try to think about what depresses you when you are in a depressed state, the thoughts just don't come, and that's okay. Be patient with yourself. The answers will come as long as you don't stop asking "What is really bothering me?" You'll find that your brain tends to answer the question before it remembers to cover it up.
maybe its the drugs idk but i got depressed and started doing drugs and it just left me feeling numb so i started doing dangerous things to feel one day i messed up my face and had surgery to fix my nose after that i stopped doing drugs and at first it sucked really bad then i started to feel again im still depressed but at least i can feel again i thought feeling numb is better then feeling pain i was wrong
Perhaps the meds are having too much of a numbing effect on your emotions? Oh woops, the person above me already said that ;) Either switch meds or talk to your doctors about going off of them.
Write it all down, ink on paper. Every last bit.If there is anyone to go to show them this side of your life.Your fighting gravity and you need a jet-pack. Your fighting depression and you need a friend that will go through it with you.If you need somebody to talk to, to vent to, we are all here. I am here.Talking always helps. I am here(: