how can i discover my talent


lots of my classmates have many talents.. i tried to discover mine but still didnt find it :( my friends say am talented with computers but i dont think thats a talent

asked March 16, 2014

3 Answers

I do not know what your friends mean by "talented with computers", however, being talented with computers is very impressive, versatile and useful.

I am on my fourth year as an electrical power engineer (5 year masters course), and I am currently involved in a pretty comprehensive school project with several other engineering students. The two from computer engineering are literally magicians in my eyes, and I can assure you, I am among the very best power engineers in my class; still, the practicing of dark computer arts fundamentally amazes me. The same goes for the two from electronic engineering. What they can do is beyond my regular reference frame, and thus it is awesome :-)

I am guessing you are quite young, so your talent is still in the making. However, if computers already interest you, and you seem to have a sense of satisfaction from working with them, I suggest you try to immerse yourself a little in them, to see if they may truly be your talent.

Try to learn a programming language. Tons of books are written, typically "a beginners guide to this and that language". In my opinion, Python is a good place to start, as the language is powerful and tons of online resources exist.

Good luck! - Ghini
well,maybe you can be talented in something that you don't like,so my advice to you is to find something that you love and start learning about it,if you're good with computers and if you like them,then try to learn more about it,find something that you love and chase it,GOOD LUCK ^_^
If your friends tell you that you have a talent for understanding computers, then you should pay special attention to programming, because this is a popular direction now. For example, you can start with Payton because it is one of the most popular programming languages ​​right now. By the way, you can learn more about the work of a developer in this article . Here, experienced employees shared their experience and told what the duties of employees are.