How can I cope with being isolated?


Hi, I have a bit of an issue: I am becoming so lonely that my depression is boiling up again (just when I thought I had gotten over it) and I feel physically uncomfortable every moment I am awake. I also don’t sleep well anymore and feel like crying but can’t bring myself to accept it.

I started University this summer in my native language and moved out from home and it all went fine for the first two weeks. Then I changed course and then it leveled out and I had a huge amount of catching up to do. Anyway, I didn’t make any friends in either of my courses and my flatmates are also not really friend material, but are still nice to hang with every now and then. I did meet some international students but I only see them once a week or so. I spend 90% of my time alone, usually listening to music or at home doing work or playing video games. I rarely talk on the phone with my parents and only visit them for a weekend every other week. I am very lonely.

My walls are collapsing around me, I don’t sleep well, I want to cry, the stress makes me restless, I am unproductive and I am losing interest in my hobbies and my thoughts of suicide are returning and won’t get out of my head. I sit there like a zombie and drag myself from weekend to weekend to see my family but even there I feel alone and hopeless. I have friends overseas and we skype but I feel dead on the inside. There is a lot more, but I need something to help with my loneliness. Thanks!

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Thanks Mandy, but clubs like that are not common here, it is all rather shallow and people stick to their friend circles and don't open up that much. I think I will join groups here, which I haven't really done before (online and so on), but I actually want to speak. I spend so much time not saying anything and sometimes I spend hours not speaking a word. Thanks for your advice though! :)
I'm a college student too and am going through the exact same situation. 90% of the time I'm here I'm by myself. To help fix my situation I started making myself available to any possible friends I could make at school. That meant sitting next to people in class, joining clubs, and attending study sessions. I also started building my self esteem by eating healthier, exercising, and buying new clothes. And finally I use the free time when Im by myself to enjoy my favorite hobbies like gaming and cooking and relaxing in front of the tv. Try not to focus on what you dont have in life (in our case its friends). Instead make the most of what you do have, and enjoy what you can at the moment. The best way to keep from drowning in depression is to appreciate yourself and the things and people already in your life and to hope for a better future.