How can I control my hormonal urges and stop being baby crazy?


Hello! I’m 28, in school doing a two year program (graduate in 2015) and have an IUD. I know that logically I do not want to have children until I graduate, preferably after I’m married. I’ve been dating the same man for three years, and things are wonderful between us. We plan on getting married after I graduate.

The other day I went to a baby shower for a girl I went to high school with. After that I was mostly fine and still very happy with my choices that I’ve made. Later during that same week, I went to hang out with another friend who is pregnant with twins, and I actually touched her stomach to feel the kicks. I did not do this at the baby shower, and usually refrain from it, but I was curious and couldn’t stop myself when she offered. Since then, I have been dreaming about babies and I find myself wishing the next two years of my life would fly by so I can start a family of my own.

Again, I know logically it is very unwise to have a baby right now, and with my IUD there are very few chances of that happening accidentally. I only wish to shut off this part of my thinking for a few more years and focus on the tasks at hand.

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theres nothing cute about a baby's ass covered in crap...theres nothing cute about every shirt you own having baby puke stains down the front.....theres nothing cute about the poop and puke smell you car will have....theres nothing cute about every pair of pants you own having an elastic waistband....theres nothing cute about staying up all night sick with worry when your baby is sick...there is nothing cute about whooping cough, chickenpox, measles, snotty noses, temper tantrums you cannot control and there is nothing cute about meducal bills you can not possibly pay.....and that is only the first two years of still have to look forward to head lice, forking out money for their school text books, and arguements as they "express" themselves.... a dollar fir this twenty dollars for that ...."can i have this for my birthday pleaseeeee?" and you cant afford to buy it for them .....or how about when they come home at age 15 with a skull tattoo that covers their forearm....or when your daughters boyfriend brings her home from school on his motorcycle.......and motherhood does not end when they hit not at all...once you become a mom.... your a mom for the rest of your life......and you will always take a back seat to them, will be underappreicated,.. forgotten at will not recieve thankyous for spending all day saturday at the laundreymat only to go home to make dinner , putting the laundrey away, washing the dinner pots n pans n dishes, baths, .......we never even got to tbe topic of breastfeeding and what that does to the body....believe me i can go on and on with this.......remember, once your a mom and the going gets tough mom has no choice but to keep on going (without )
Well babies are sweet and loving little bundles of joy. However they come with responsibilities and they put stress and pressure even onto the most happy and carefree couples. Just remember that all in good time you will be ready and happy. Think of it as preparing your life getting ready setting everything up so that when the time does come you are ready and it will be alot easier and less stressful.
I have the same problem. I even end up wasting valuable study time online, looking at cute baby pictures or adorable outfits. You aren't going to get rid of the crazy 100%, but it's good to remember all the bad that comes along with the child. You will have sleepless nights, they will throw up and pee and poop on you multiple times. Giving birth will be painful. And of course, that cute baby will grow up. Raising a child is a rewarding experience, but all the negatives are enough to get me to calm down a bit. Try thinking about the not-so-fun stuff that comes along with a new baby.
The way I've curbed my baby craze is to realize that while I could certainly love it enough, I couldn't give it everything it deserved. You can think about how your life would be changed and inconvenienced, because it's true. But I always think about what my life was like growing up, how my mother couldn't handle it, and the problems I am going through now that I am an adult.

Of course I know I wouldn't be perfect. But I would regret not being ready and the problems that would cause for this new life I would bring into the world, more than any loss of sleep, social life, or clothing.

From kind of the other side of the prospective wheel, I'm 21, have not gone to post secondary yet and am four months pregnant. Also, the father is not active in our lives.
I've always wanted kids, but of course, pictured the husband, dog, white picket fence and oh how I got the opposite. I'm scared beyond belief and I truely believe if the father was around it may be a bit easier.
When it comes down to it though and you see a baby, you think its all just cute and great. We tend to forget the cost, the sleepless nights, the tantrums, the poopy diapers, and even just the life time commitment.
I am in no way saying this baby is not wanted, or a mistake, just wasn't planned. I will love it like no other, but especially being single and this day and age, its hard. Thank God I have a REALLY supportive and excited mum or else I dont know if I could do this.

I would wait. Think of what is to come. Be excited. But focus on finishing school and making sure your relationship with your boyfriend is the best it can possibly be before bringing another life into this world. <3
hey i did mot mention all the bloody scrapes, falls, emergancy room visits, all the puss, infections and mucus , broken bones , etc. you will see....
This is totally normal! I'm only 22 and single and I still long to have a baby. The way to curb it is to visit your friends with babies! This sounds very selfishly motivated, but it means you get to play with cute babies and get the feel for things until you CAN have one of your own. Trust me, my friends with kids all say that they don't get out enough because no one wants to have to carry a kid around when they're trying to have fun so your friends will enjoy the company (and the break from holding the baby!). This is how I get past it anyway haha