How can I become comfortable talking on the phone?


I’m currently taking online classes, one of which is French. One of my assignments is to call up my teacher and have a 15 minute conversation with him in French so that he can grade my pronunciation and know that I’ve learned the material. I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to speaking to people I’ve never met on the phone. I’m also incredibly self conscious of my French accent (it’s not very good) and I always get nervous during any kind of test. How can I get over my fear of talking to my teacher in French?

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1 Answer

Here's something I think you should read: (don't have to save, you can just open it). It's two worksheets that I think can help you work out to being more comfortable talking on the phone. (This next bit might not make much sense until you have a look at the sheet, don't worry, there's not too much text). With setting goals and working your way up to talking in French to your teacher, you could start with, call someone your really comfortable with and talk for 10 minutes. The next could be ask a friend to call you at a random time so you're not prepared and talk to them for 10 minutes. Etc. Slowly work your way up and get used to it. I hope this helps. Good luck.