How can I be self-conscious?


I am not really aware sometimes of how I walk and act sometimes. Sometimes I can even be shocked if I’m filmed on a video cam and ask myself” wow, do I really walk like that ; is my voice really that deep ; My head is really big etc”. Sometimes I can say that I need a mirror with me by my side just to let myself know how I walk and act properly in public and right now I am easily judged by the way I act and talk. How can I be more self-conscious because I can’t really see myself.

Category: Tags: asked August 28, 2014

2 Answers

You brain is a master of deception, imagination and mis-judgement. A lot of people have that problem when they walk down the street and catch themselves in a window saying to themselves, "this outfit doesn't match" or "looks like I need to lay off the lays [lame chip joke]". Just be yourself and don't put those negative thoughts into your head!
I believe that you want to enhance the way people see you and the way they see you is by the way you walk/talk etc. Though like others I feel that being yourself is perfectly fine I also believe that one should always strive for improvement. That said, I feel you can combat this problem by just being mentally conscious of whatever you are doing. Put more thought into it. Think of how else you can do it and how others do it. Taking help from a friendly and frank source would be extremely helpful too. You can ask your family or close friends to correct you if you are doing something the wrong or unusual way. Hope I helped! :)