How can i be myself around my crush?


well i like this guy but when ever i hang out with him and his friends i just feel so intimidated and i cant be myself and talk to them. I know he doesnt like me but just for now i really dont know how to stop being so nervous around him and want to be able to relax when i’m around him. Help!!

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2 Answers

Maybe you just feel intimidated because he is surrounded by his other friends so he is probably going to socialize them as well, they have their own inside jokes which can be uncomfortable and intimidating sometimes I believe. Maybe by inviting him to do something with your own group of friends might make you more comfortable and loosen up around him. Just ask him to go bowling or something like that where it's just a fun time for everyone. I would say doing something one on one but that may be awkward since he doesn't like you, so why I suggested bringing your friends around him. I wish you the best of luck! Hope everything works out, have a good one.
Tell him how you feel! Exactly what you said in the post. It's good for him to know this, and hell, maybe he'll even try to help and give advice! As for mine, I would say to yes, just be yourself. Don't force yourself to be someone you're not, and if you're not comfortable in the situation, remove yourself! It doesn't sound like fun hanging out with you boyfriend feeling intimidated by his friend! Also, your already know your boyfriend loves you for who you are, and if his friends think otherwise, then that's on them! Hope I helped! xoxo - Darling Alice