How can i be handsome/what should i do?!


I already want a grilfriend from when i was 12 years old. I have a pretty handsome face and i am trying so hard to wear stylish clothes and be handsome. But i have a big head. It is so huge and i can’t hide it. I got my big head from my father, his head is the same size. My hear is long because that way it creates the illusion that i just have a lot of hair and that my head is normal sized. Everyone says my hair is ugly because of the length and they say that i have to cut my hair very short. If i do that it will be even more obvious that my head is enormous. I am trying to act confident. Sometimes people say something about my head, i feel like all that work to be confident was useless and that i am still very ugly. I am feeling very insecure after someones comment about my head for like 2 days. What should i do?! I want a girlfriend soo bad.

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3 Answers

It's all about the confidence, if you show a little bit of that then girls will want to be with you. Sometime we forget that girls are humans lol and that it doesnt take speical effort to catch their attention no matter how big a head you might think you have. Just have confidence, everything will be alright.
Like @das-omen said, confidence is the key. You must not take those negative comments too serious because every person has their own flaws, some hide them, others accept them. There's nothing wrong in the size of your head, but if you want you could check out different hairstyles designed for various types of heads, faces, jaw line structures, etc...but the most important thing is that there's nothing wrong with the size of your head, and feeling bad about it won't make it any better. Just be confident and believe in yourself.
People are attracted to confidence, embrace yourself and your body and you will get attention. But it's not all about looks, don't forget to be who you are, be kind and positive and I'm sure you will get a girlfriend soon.