How can I be friends with more girls?


Hi all,

I am new here. Can you tell me a good way to meet new girls and stay connected with them on the go?

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2 Answers

Well the tags seem to point more towards meeting and dating a girl online. Honestly, you shouldn't start with "I want to make a girlfriend". Start with "I want to make a friend". As for some of the tips posted by the other poster, I sort of disagree. Ignoring girls is exactly the opposite of what you want to do. Why play twisted games? So, you need to understand that conversation is a two way street. Please put in effort when talking to someone (be it any person) as only then will conversation flourish. Don't put the spotlight on yourself, but ask them questions. Be polite, try to learn more about them. Ask how their day way, and all of that. But, try to talk about yourself as well. Let them know what sort of person you are and try to answer questions and then ask more questions. (Poor sentence structure here, but what I meant was, If someone asks you something and you just keep saying yeah or idk or even if you do give a sentence long answer, its sort of difficult for the other person to follow up. Instead, answer the question and maybe ask the same thing, like "How was your day?"= "My day was....... We did......... How about your day?") If you do end up dating someone online, please please please make sure that you make some time for them. Don't stop putting in effort. Don't be mean to them. Don't ignore them. Don't hurt them. Don't give them too little attention. While online relationships can work out, they require a little bit of an extra effort than usual relationships so you really need to keep that in mind.But yeah, for being friends with more girls, just make a habit of trying to talk to almost everyone you can. Just be polite, friendly and take some time to talk to them. If you put effort in order to have good conversation, chances are, you'll make good friends :) Good luck!
Follow these steps: 1.Talk less 2.Wear tidy clothes and concentrate on your walking pace. 3.Smile but dont laugh out loud like crazy. 4.Avoid talking with girls as much as possible. 5. Just reply and ask the same...Like if a girl ask you" Hey wats up?" Just eply, oh yea, i m fine.. thanks for asking.hope u r fine too". 6.The less you talk with girls, the more you will be able to make friends.. And most importantly, always compliment girls, but dont cross the limit. If you see a girl ,whom you think is not that beautiful, dont say "you are the mossst beautiful girl".LOL She will get pissed of coz she will no you are light weigh. 7.Try making eys contacts with a blushing response.workd well with all girls. 8.offer a group of girls , canteen bills.. they will hang around with you after... Good LUCK. And btw..these are fully proved and experienced tips..