How can I approach my best friend that I haven’t seen for 3 or 4 years?


So my best bud in high school just recently got home here in our hometown. He moved to the states, specifically in Texas when we we’re almost graduating in highschool because that’s where his parents lived and his parents missed him a lot so they took him and school’d him there. 2 years ago we were always chatting each other in facebook,talking about his life in the states and my life here going to college. But after a while, he didn’t chat or reply anymore, when he usually replies he usually chats me first, now he just “seen” my messages and after that I didn’t chatted him because i thought he was busy. And now that he’s here, I wanted to meet him and tell him how’s was his life and all but I was so anxious and scared to tell. I chatted him “hey dude, how are you?” but he hasn’t checked my message for about 3 days already, and I can see a lot of different pictures with him and his different friends, I kept thinking that he already made new friends and I thought that he doesn’t need a friend like me anymore, Im scared the moment we meet he might not hang out with me anymor, what should i do?

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1 Answer

Well consider this. If you were that person how would you want someone to approach you? Sometimes you gain clarity through empathy.