How am I supposed to find what I want to do with my life ?


Hello everyone, I’m having a lot of troubles finding out what I want to do with my life.
It’s a big question, and I feel like I’m having more trouble with it than most of people. The thing is that I want to go to college, I absolutely want to study something, but I don’t know what. I like a lot of things, but there’s nothing that I like more than the others.
Plus, I have kind of a lame background with schools. I skipped a lot of classes, in fact, I skipped like 3 years of school ?
It’s not that I hated learning, I love learning, but it was really boring so I let myself go and just stopped school from times to times.
It didn’t stopped me from having my diploma tho.
Now that school is over, I have a little job but I’m so bored and I really need to move out from my life.
So I need college, I need to make a choice, but I don’t know what and I’m scared to make the wrong choice ! I don’t want to pay tons of money and go to something that won’t please me, I’m afraid that I will skip school again, then.
One of my favorite teacher told me that if I wanted to, I had the real the capacity to do anything I want, like because I’m smart.
And that terrifies me because this information isn’t narrowing down the list of possible orientations !
I’m so lost and I don’t know how to find myself in all those possible directions. If someone could just give me a piece of advice so I can see more clearly, it would be really, really nice.
Thanks for reading.

Category: asked February 10, 2014

5 Answers

Since you're so up in the air about it you should start off by going to to a community college for two years and take general studies classes. This can help you figure out what exactly you want to do.
You could go to a few open days at each college before making any decisions. Try new things in you spare time to see what you like. Try and discover any strengths that you have as this may help with looking for a new job. Take your time when choosing and don't rush. It took me a few years after college here in the UK to find out what I wanted. Put yourself in the deep end and take risks, and don't be scared to make mistakes!
Take generals talk to advisors keep your job and research careers fields that have stable income or salary and something that you could see your self doing a couple college course will help narrow the idea down
i strongly recommend first finding a college that you really like that has a lot of majors. sign up for some classes that interest you, even if youre only part time, and meet with an admissions counselor. a lot of schools (i know mine does) has career services that will give you a list of specific careers and majors and what the job will entail and how much money you will make, etc. they also have a lot of shadowing options with different jobs where you basically hang out with someone with a specific job and you get to see exactly what they do. i can tell you from experience that when youre in a class that actually interests you, you'll pay attention and do way better with your work! good luck!
Hey Mauvaisegrain, you're not the only person who has difficulty deciding what they want to do with their lives! I still don't and I have been to college and had a "real" job. The amazing thing is not the final decision, but where your decision and choices take you. Here is my advice: Look around you, is there any aspect of your current job that you enjoy? For example, do you like interacting with people or would you prefer to be in the back of the store? Are numbers your thing or would you rather be actively doing something? Find something from your job that you like and go from there. Another thing you could do is try asking people from different professions if you could talk to them or observe. Does your friend know a teacher? Ask them if you can observe. Maybe you want to be an accountant? Go to an accounting business and ask them questions about their job. Perhaps you like the concept of learning but not college, teach yourself something from an online course or books. Another option is a vocational school where it is hands on and not just book work. Even if you pick something and find out you don't like it, at least you'll know what you DON'T want to do. Hope this helps :)