I am so depressed right now it is unbelievable! When I look ahead into the future, all I see is me wasting my years as I am now. Everything I want in life I can’t have, and I can’t get on my own. Everyday is such a chore to get through. My family aggravate me to the point of tears and I have absolutely nothing in common with them, like my friends. People say ‘can’t you talk to them?’ but I try to and I don’t get anywhere, and I haven’t got anywhere for 16 years. Life seems to be all about school and education, and my next step in life is school and education and after that is school and education, and then it is work and then it is death, and that is pretty depressing. People say find a hobby, but the only hobbies out there are sports, there is no where I can go to interact with other people who are like me. I want to go out and meet people like me, but there is no where I can go. Instead, I am stuck in the house eating and sitting on the laptop, which is so sad and I don’t like it but it is the only thing I can do to keep myself sane. Like I said before, my friends don’t have the same interests as me, so I can’t go out with them, they go out with the friends who do enjoy the same things as them.
I just want to be happy, but I cannot, and I am impatient because I feel that if I die tommorow, I will look back on my life and realise I screwed it up by dragging myself through school and life while being extremely unhappy. I can’t remember the last time I was really happy, and I can’t see it happening anytime soon. If I could find at least one person to share my interests with, but where am i going to find them?????????
I see no point in carrying on with all this when I am just going to be sad, fat, depressed, regretful and hopeless, with so many dreams but no chance. It is so hard to be happy in life when you are on your own, and i feel like giving up.

Category: asked December 27, 2013

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You are being very closed minded and focusing only on the negative side of things. Of course everything is going to look bad. Expand your view a bit, take in more options or opinions. There are hundreds if not thousands of hobbies outside of sports. You just gotta do a bit of looking for yourself and stop relying on others to do the looking for you. The only way to truly be happy is to become happy with yourself. Having friends is great, but if you are not happy with yourself all they will serve as are distractions from your own problems, or you will begin to treat them as personal dumping grounds for your problems.
What I suggest is taking a look at yourself and finding what is making you most unhappy. When you find that, dig deeper and ask yourself why you feel bad about it. Continue to dig deeper until you can no longer dig deeper, and eventually you will discover how your mind hides the roots of your problems by not responding when you are nearing it. This is where you do your own personal searching and uprooting of problems. For once you discover this problem, you will know what to change to get rid of the problem. Once you learn how to complete this process, it is only a matter of regular practice to get yourself onto a road of happiness. While others can offer you temporary happiness, this happiness will not stay if your own foundation isn't fit for keeping it. In other words, if you yourself are not happy, you won't be able to stay happy no matter how many times others make you happy.
Now I am not saying learn to be happy with things that do not make you happy. What I am saying is, find things that do make you happy. While the system of education, work then die are not a fond idea, find another system that is better looking. Even a new perspective, such as work brings income, which you can use to shape and change your world. There is a lot of time during and after education to discover these things, and then when you get into working, there is still time to discover these things. Life doesn't only consist of educate, work, die. It only consists of merely these things if that is all you allow yourself into your life.
Take some time to think on these things. Personally, I have found music and nature to be very sanctitive. Find something that does this for yourself, and over time, definitely not overnight, things will come to you. And perhaps you will discover why you are here in the first place.
I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way. I feel the same way so you are not alone in that.
There are so many positive possibilities in life. Don't give up on your dreams because they may seem unreachable to you but you'd be surprised as to how reachable they really are. All these negative things are overclouding the good parts of life so you can't see them any more - but they are there! Life's worth living and I can guarantee that great things will happen for you in the future :-) Stay strong!