helping keep a promise to my girlfriend


So I have been dating my girlfriend fir a little over 6 months now, when we first started dating she told me thatshe wants to wait until after marriage to have sex, it niw being 6months later has become difficult for both of us to keep this goal. We are in a slightly long distance realatiinship which tends to buikd up a lot of emotions and sexual tensii between us whenever we actualky go on dates and visit each other. We have bith openly admitted that we probably won’t last buntil marriage but she still wants to keep her goal and I want to help her keep true to her wishes because she has been waiting this long I woukdnt feel right to take something that precious if things between us wind up not workung out. I love her from the bottom of my heart and I want to help keep this promise to her…. is there any tips for releiving pent up physical attraction without breaking this promise?

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I would talk to her about reconsidering waiting til marriage to have sex. I can't think of any logical reasons to hold out until marriage for sex, as its really not that serious. Perhaps you guys have religious reasons, but do acknowledge how much has been lost in translation and how many reiterations of "god's" gospel man has produce to reflect his own ambitions. If you wait until marriage you both may find out that you have no physical/sexual chemistry. The last thing you want is to be married to the only person you can't seem to enjoy sex with. I'm not saying that will be the case, but it is very possible as sex isn't something that needs to be overly glorified. Thinking about it, someone making you wait until you make a life-long commitment to them is like paying a high price for an item with no return option. Maybe she's worth the risk, but society has molded a world where you don't have to handcuff yourself in unnecessary ways.
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I would recommend trying to talk to her about it. Or masterbate because it can relive sexual tension without intercourse. It's really good that you are not wanting to force her into this and are trying to respect her wishes but I agree sexual tension can get in the way and talking and trying to relive that tension your self can help. And if you really can't do it yourself see if shes willing to touch in anyway to help the tension but beware its really easy to get carried away if you do this and it could lead to intercourse. But remember consent is very VERY important. Good luck!
Masturbate, perform oral sex on each other. Most virgins consider the actual penetration as the sex act but there is a whole lot of fun stuff that you can still do without it if you want.

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