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Hi there! I’m in first year of BDS(Bachelor of Dental Science). I need help with it since I’m having a hard time coping with its workload. To tell you the truth I never wanted to be a doctor. It was my parents wish to be one. Now, I’m going INSANE!!! I’m missing out most of the lectures cause I don’t feel like attending classes also because its not the school of my choice. I’m also missing most of the tests and got bad grades in the tests, I took. After putting up all nighters, this just breaks my heart and I don’t feel like studying anymore. I thought about dropping out and choosing the course of my interest. But my parents are telling me to bear with it, you can do it etc. but this is not helping at all. And its not just for 1 or 2 yrs. I’m gonna have to bear with it for 5 yrs. I’m depressed and having funny ideas. So, if anyone here who could help me or someone whose gone through a similar situation?!

Category: asked February 9, 2014

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it takes motivation, i know you are lacking motivation but this can be turned around now before it gets out of hand and for all you know you might start enjoying it when you get into it properly. Go to you professors and ask for extra help, ask them what you can do and really throw yourself into the subject. when you revise dont listen to music that has lyrics because it stops your brain from being able to remember what you are learning, instead listen to wordless music which actually helps the brain remember things. if worst comes to worst how about stressing to your parents just how little you care for this subject and really express to them that you cannot carry on, its making you depressed and you just cant and they might finally understand. Best of luck xx
ehhh the teachers are not very helping. Not friendly at all!! Even the students...
I've been through this exact situation. But i actually graduated to that degree (Bachelor of Science in Food Technology) just last week, no matter how many times i cry whenever i study for it. I hated it and still does. Let's just say im more of an english girl than a science girl but the parents couldn't really see a 'bright future' for me if i take a degree in creative writing.
So i endured 5 years of torture and depression just to fulfill my parents' wish for me. It is hard and you'd feel like you don't belong to the people around you who likes studying that degree you're taking. Plus you'd feel stupid most of the time and have to give 5x more effort than everyone else since you're forcing yourself to learn about it. It can be really smothering.
But i finished it anyhow. And i personally wanted to, because i know that it is my responsibility as the child of my parents to fulfill the one thing they wanted most for me to have. It's like a gift that you can give to them after years of sacrifice and hard work that they've given to you just so you can have a good future. I have to give back to them since they're giving me shelter, love, family, material things and i should be grateful for that. Not everyone gets to have those kind of comfort. I always tell myself these every single day.
I mean even though I've always wanted to be a writer, well.. it can still happen. It doesn't matter if I studied a different degree. It's up to you how you live your life after graduation.