Help with body image issues?


Everytime i get out of the shower pr see myself in the mirror, i want to cut off every imperfection with the dullest knife possible, or throw up until im just skin and bones. Ive asked about something similar to this a couple days ago, but now its getting worse and worse, sometimes i even find myself on the floor in front of the toliet trying to convince myself not to make myself throw up. Sometimes im an inch away from trying to beat myself so i domt look this way anymore. I need help, how do i make myself think im fine?

Category: Tags: asked January 24, 2015

2 Answers

I can relate! For the longest I would stare at myself and find every small imperfection in me. Until I realized, that is what they were. SMALL imperfections. I struggled with both anorexia and bulimia. You have to hear me out, you really are perfect just they way you are. Here is what I want you to do, make a list of every body part you do not like. Everyday, go down that list and say one positive thing about that body part. Do this once in the morning and once before you sleep that night. This will help with your mental healing. You need your nutrients! No more throwing up, before you do it think of the nasty taste and awful feeling you get in your stomach and walk away. You are PERFECT!
I'm very sorry that you feel that about yourself. I know it's difficult to see your own beauty, but try to think of it as this, You are beautiful to someone out there, like a flower, you may look different, you might have scars, stretch marks, birthmarks, freckles, but a flower is still very pretty with all these things that make it unique. There is beauty in imperfection, artist, poets, writers, they all seek imperfection. In imperfection there lies a raw beauty. You are beautiful. If you ever happen to look at yourself, think" Damn, I look nice" Instead of critically judging yourself. Perhaps even but your hands on your waist (imagine Beyonce) Think of what confidence must feel like. You are fearless, you are important, you are beautiful, and you matter. I'm always there if you need to talk. And even if I can't reach you instantly, browse through my tumbler agabbiano . tumblr .com and look through some of the tags ( support, body positive, important, cute patoot, and more) It might delay enough time that the feeling passes. :)