Help? Please? Anybody? Please?


Okay. So.. This is what happened
I like this ‘guy’ since last year.
Now,I’m at the 7th grade.
So.. I like him since 6th grade.

First.. I’m going to tell you ALL about him.
He is always with his 3 friends.. Never with someone else.
Well.. sometimes he’s with the other boys if his 3 friends are not there.
He knows that I like him since 6th Grade.
He sometimes lie to me.

We are only friends from what I see on 6th grade.
I like him because he is the nicest guy on my class, and he doesn’t call me fat. (Well.. I am just a little bit overweight)

But then (now)… At 7th Grade…
‘he’ found this ‘girl’.
She’s smart, pretty, tall, and skinny.
She’s just his type. But she is kinda annoying.
Then… he likes her.
I asked him in chat.
“do you like her?”
“ah… Want me to give you her number?”
“That would be nice”

I decided to give him her number because I wanted to get closer with him.
I thought that maybe being a close friend than a normal friend is better.

And so.. We did become quite close.

But it hurts me also because he always ask and talk to me about her.

And one day… He decide to ask her to be his girlfriend.
And I decide to support him.

So…. He did.
The ‘girl’ accept him as her boyfriend.

And so.. they are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

And I thought… Yep.. This is it… I don’t have a chance.
I decided to avoid him. And whenever he talks to me, I will reply him with a cold reply.

But… then.. The girl broke up with him.
And what do you know?
She was just using him to forget her ex boyfriend.
And they only dated for a month.

She told me since she trust me as a close friend.

I didn’t tell ‘him’. Since.. I know he will be heart broken more deeply.

Everyday… He will go to me and said the same words. The words are
“Hey… Teresa…”
“What is it?”
“I’m heartbroken.”
And after the awkward silence.. I would always say
“Go find someone else to talk with”

And then… It’s over.
We never talked again.

And then.. There’s holiday…
After the holiday.. We started the second semester.

New semester : New seats.

This semester..
I got a seat with one of ‘his’ 3 friends that he always hangs out with.

‘His Friend’ always tease me about ‘me liking ‘him’ (the guy I like)’
example :
“Oh… Please Teresa.. I know you like R” (I’m going to change my crush’s name with R’
“No I don’t”
“Yes You do”

And i thought that maybe R did know and tell his friends about me liking him.

And then, he said that he likes a new girl.
Since.. Now.. He talks to his ex girlfriend, the one that used him, the one that was named ‘S’ .. He told her about his new crush.

And his new crush he’s talking about is me.
That’s the good news.

The bad news is
He actually use me as a cover to tell to S that he actually has a new crush and had already moved on from her.

Ok. What’s with that plan?
It’s actually to get S back.
S is supposed to be jealous of me and then, come back to R again and then they will be dating again.

But actually… R still likes S

And nowadays…
R would start to talk and smile to me once a day
I can’t avoid him anymore because I do still like him.

But then… I would remember the fact that he still likes S.
I know that he likes S from one of his friends that would always tease me.

What should I do? Help me please?
Sorry for the long explanation.
Thank you :)

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2 Answers

Hey :)
Why don't you try telling him how you feel? It'll help you. And he will also get a confirmation that you like him. If he likes S, then there's nothing you can do.. If you care for him, try to support him and be a friend.
I understand that might not be possible. If you can't do it, then just let him go... Tell him that you can't deal with it and completely remove him from your life. It might not seem ideal, but it's better than feeling bad always.
If possible, do the first thing... :)
First thing to do : Confess It's better to know and be disappointed than never know and always wonder And then, ask him to consider your feeling too It must hurt so much when he said he liked you only to make his ex jealous :( After you've confess, you'll feel a lot better (I hope!), since you don't have to hide your feeling anymore, and maybe (just maybe) if he... isn't the one for you, you'll come to... consider him... as just 'friend' But it doesn't mean that it's impossible for you two to get together, maybe he does like you, but still hasn't realized it, but still >< I hope your relationship'll get better :) You still have a long journey :D Good luck! (and be confidence!)