Help! My boyfriend is lovesick


I have been dating this guy since last Wednesday. He is my first boyfriend, and I’m his first girlfriend. We also have been being close friends. The problem is when we’re apart he keeps saying he misses me so much it makes him wanna cry. When we were not dating yet he never felt this way. I love him so much and I don’t want him to be sad when we are not together. Any help so that he can do well when I’m not with him?

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4 Answers

Be honest and tell him in a romantic relationship, it's very important for couples to take breaks and have time to themselves by doing that it makes the love stronger than ever! You need to be firm with your boyfriend and tell him how you need quiet time to yourself and having your own routine; he might be the jealous type so assure him you're not seeing any other guys and the truth is stated you want to have alone time to yourself.
My husband and I exchange sweatshirts or jackets when we can't be together. It eases with the distance and the time apart.
Or, you could get him a necklace or ring or something that is meant to be a symbol of your relationship. it doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to be something for him to look at or fiddle with when he misses you.
There was a period of time when my boyfriend and I first started dating, that he had to work overnight for a few weeks. This meant we got less time during the day (because he was sleeping) and we didn't get any cuddle time at night either. I did not sleep well at all during this time, so he started leaving me a shirt or something that smelled like him. He still does this sometimes, and just smelling his shirt always makes me feel better :)