Help making friends?


So it’s really hard for me to make friends, not because I don’t have stuff to say but.. because it’s so HARD to actually say the stuff I’m thinking. Everytime I think like 30 times before I say something and , sometimes, I miss my opportunity to speak and to let people to get to know me.
I’m even joining dance classes and a club on my university so I’ll have more opportunities, but I have no idea how to lose my paranoia to speak up and expose myself.
Any ideas to calm my anxiety and paranoia? :/

Category: Tags: asked June 13, 2015

2 Answers

I suggest you try to focus on your anxiety and paranoia when trying to make friends. It can be a negative influence. Try attending different social events with not extremely large crowds of people. You can have time to sort out potential friends by yourself for a little while, then approach them and try making simple small talk. Reinforce positive statements in your mind as you do this to help rid away paranoia and anxiety. Simple small talk goes a long way. Once you get the hang of it, talking to strangers and making friends will become a little more easier and come a bit more natural. Just be yourself!
Trusting people comes in time, this is something you just have to constantly work at to overcome, in the mean time try to talk about other people lol most people are self centered but it doesnt matter on a second note because the problem isnt that you worry and dont trust other people but that you dont accept yourself. Start from there, learn to love yourself and dont let people shake your value of yourself, good luck i really mean it