Help I Really Need Answers im scared!!!


Please Help i asked Before I am a 15 Year Old Who Secretly Crossdresses and wants to be female but cant due to family helth and negativism?
I am a 15 year old Transgender with autism help?
I have always wanted to be a girl but i have been scared to metion untill the age of 10 when my nan watched a program on it and i told her i wanted to be female to but my parents got convinced that it was this.
At 12 i was caught crossdressing in a skirt black leggings Pink and yellow underwear and bra with a crop top.
From the age of 13 i mentioned every month that i wantes to be a girl and wore underwear to school and shaved everywhere
Then my mum got big health issues and now can t take stress.
The only i find to get around this is to go on buses and just forget everything and look at the sights ots a way that i can actually do somthing than being suck hiding from all of this.
I am now 15 and want to do somthing but in a way that my mum cant stop me?
Also cause i have autism i don t really socialise and stay with her most the time.
P.S im in the UK

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Putting yourself through doing nothing but hiding who you are is not painless. You are completely normal and so is the way you feel. By being yourself, you're not rebelling, you are just simply being who you are. If your mother can't accept that, maybe you should try sitting down and talking to her about it. If she still doesn't accept it, I say you should still keep on being who you are. 3 years is a long wait, and I know how painful it is to hide yourself for so long. You should look into counseling, too, that way professionals can help you get through this journey and give more helpful advice.
Please talk to someone like a counselor or therapist. Your story is something that need special help to deal with. A therapist will be able to get your mom to actually listen to you and hear you out on everything. You deserve to be happy regardless. Good luck
Someone find some good free Consollers in the devon & cornwall Countys in Britain

Being unhappy with who you are hurts. Feeling helpless to make changes is even worse. I would start seeing a professional counselor, specifically one with experience in transgender issues. (Unfortunately, I'm in the US and don't know much about the status of health care or psychological help in the UK.) It won't feel nearly as good as being who you are, but you can start the building blocks of a new identity. One you'll be happy with!

As much as I hate to say it, there may be some issues expressing yourself while you're under your mother's roof. You'll have to be very brave. I think you're making good steps knowing that you have a problem (the situation and your dissatisfaction, not your identity) and reaching out for help.

Is there a chance you could open up to some friends, at least? They may not be able to solve the problem, but having someone on your side can make a big difference. You might also find some support on a forum or website dedicated to transgender persons.

You need to seek professional help as these feelings are not normal. You are still very young and need to remember that you are under your mother's care until the age of adulthood and you need to respect that. Being rebellious against your mother will not solve your problems and feelings, it will only make them much worse. I know this out of personal experience. Even if your mom treats you in a way you don't like you still have to love and respect her because she is your mother. When you are emancipated then you can leave your home and be whomever you want but until then you have to respect your mother's ways. I know it doesn't seem in any way fair and it doesn't look like it will work out in your favor but it truly is in your best interest and is the most painless way to get through this transition into adulthood and freedom.