Help! I found out even men are jerks!


So this guy and I met online and talked on and off for like 2 years and this october we finally met up, the only problem is that he lived 5 hours away, I was nervous about doing long distance and we never really said what we were (ie relationship wise) and he told me he loved my on the 11th of Jan and then today I find out he is dating another girl. I called him on it, but he said pretty much all my concerns about long distance and then went on about how he wants to be with me when I graduate university in 2 years but he just cant control his urges.. I told if he really was inlove with me he could and how would he feel if I started seeing and sleeping with another guy and he hasnt replied.. He is a douche Bag right?

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4 Answers

guuuurl you deserve waay more then thaat. find someone worth your while who treats you right. stand up, woman.
yes he is all he wants is to lead you on to get laid and thats coming froma guy
Yes, many guys are douches...some more than others. Don't worry, eventually you'll find a man who will love you and treat you the way you deserve to be loved and treated, just don't expect anything since unfortunately expectations can lead to disappointment.
I support all of the above. He was probably just looking to "hit it and quit it", and since you live so far away, he wouldn't have to worry about seeing you again. Talking to you about seeing you after University seems to just be a means to keep you an open option for the future.