Help fading scars?


Hello! I have this one scar from an awful self harm accident. It’s from October/November 2013 and is about a millimeter deep and and inch long and is on the calf of my right leg but has since healed somewhat and now looks alright but still is extremely noticeable. Any way to heal it or treat it or (last resort) hide it? Summer is coming soon and I’m so scared. I have since stopped harming myself by the way.

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3 Answers

Things such at Bio Oil and Vitamin E lotion are really good at fading scars, as long as you use them often! Drinking a lot of water can help too apparently. If it comes to summer and it's still a bit too noticeable, use foundation or concealer to cover it up :) You may want to keep some on you at all times though in case it starts to wear off... It should fade reasonably well naturally though, I find that after about 6-8 months, my worst scars are a lot paler, almost white, when for the first few months they were dark purple/pink (I have very pale white skin though so this may not happen with everyone, idk).
Good for you for stopping your self harm! I may not be from the same background as you with self harm but I do know stuff about scars. Don't be afraid to ask a doctor for any medicine that can fade scars away, I know there are a bunch of different creams and stuff you could try. It may not work right away or it might take you a while to find the right one. You'll have to work hard at making it through, at least part of your summer, with the scar. Keep your head high and try not to worry about it too much. Good luck!
I'm proud of you for stopping your self harm! Scars will never fully go away, but cocoa butter, jojoba oil, or coconut oil are all great at helping reduce the appearance of them.