Help? Am I Nieve?


Odd but true i promise…

My boyfriend and I are literally two days away from being together for eleven months. He is sweet, and charming, and lovely, sometimes he had a temper but he always tells me when he’s getting worked up so he can have his space to do well, I don’t know do whatever guys do when they get worked up. Frankly we had a nearly perfect relationship, except the bumps in the road most high school relationships have (the typical girl hitting on him or guy flirting with me. Or simply the fact we were too stressed to be happy and annoyed and irritated one another). Orit was up until shortly after our ten months when He left his wallet at my house and someone in my family took money from it, and his mother literally flipped so badly she called the cops and had them wait at the end of the driveway unless my parents agreed to pay him back he was mad, like fuming mad for a good four or five days before he was finally cooled off to talk. The thing is he wasn’t even mad at me, he was mad at the family I am in. He and I talked, we agreed maybe we ought to break up, and then we decided on just friends. It literally barely lasted a day, we still talked constantly and we still used pet names. It was weird.Then we went to the beach together, and ended up kissing and realized we obviously didn’t want to be friends. (I don’t think we’ve ever been just friends literally we were always flirty with one another, and then at one point it just became evident we really liked one another so I asked him out.)

We went all Romeo and Juliet for a week, and then my best friends boyfriend decided he didn’t want to see his girlfriend friend hurt. And I was, I was hurting really bad because I’m a very caring person, but it just hurt not to be who we used to be. He called my boyfriend and yelled at him to either dump me or make it official. This pissed my boyfriend off and he got mad at me, and chose the dump option. Then he apologized. I know it was dumb of me to do it, but I just love him with all my heart, and I know we will be fine once we work it out, and his family stops being awful. They wont let us see each other, and they wont support our relationship, they hate me for something I didn’t do. But I took him back, like nothing has happened, I know its all just super stressful for him. Am I being Nieve? Or dumb? I mean we can make this work right? Im so scared to loose him.

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The on-again, off-again needs to stop. It is not healthy or normal for a relationship to be a revolving door. Call it off for a while so both of your heads can cool and you can make rational decisions, not doing everything based on the strongest emotion at the time.