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Right so recently I’ve been getting a really sore throat to the point were I sound like a 40 year old man from Yorkshire and now it’s gone to my chest and I seriously can’t breathe and I don’t know which medication to take and my mum and dad are on holiday and my sisters useless so PLEASE SOMEONE SPARE ME THIS PAIN. Like seriously it’s my half term next week and I want to enjoy it without sounding like such a man…

Category: Tags: asked October 24, 2014

2 Answers

I know you hate doctors but I'd recommend you go get sorted out ASAP. I got a chest infection when I was a teenager and however healthy I feel since, if I just get a cold now I get a really bad cough for ages after. As I've mentioned on here before I have my issues with the NHS myself but it's worth it to be healthier now and in the future.
Thankyou! Finally someone answered haha, well I really hate doctors because the nhs is the worst here but my voice has literally almost gone so I guess I have to. Thanks again.