he shows sign like he like me but he said that we are friend.


yesterday I confess to my crush that I like him. before this we are a good friend and always text each day. however, since in recent days…he is not replying to my text or slow respond. I feel sad and decides to confess to him. I sent a message and express my feelings to him. and I said I can not afford to continued chatting with him because I was afraid to like him more. I also say that I can not be friends with him.he finally replied. me and him will always be friends and he asked me to smile. He doesnt want to lose me he said.

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1 Answer

Be friends with him- he might even like you back more than you think right now, and is just waiting until he's sure, ready to tell you. Even if it does hurt to have these feelings for your best friend- trust me, I know- it isn't worth it to lose him completely. If he is still wanting to be your friend, has expressed that he doesn't want to lose you- Then for sure, don't give up on what you have. Even if it hurts you a bit to be so close yet so far away- it will hurt more to lose him as a friend. Besides, I do have a sneaking suspicion he likes you back, but maybe hasn't quite realized yet, or isn't ready to tell you. Even if that's not the case, he's obviously a great friend. Don't give up.