Having nightmares all the time


Three days ago, I started having nightmares at night, and they are getting creepier everytime. Like, they’re completely unrelated to each other and are about random things that normally wouldn’t even scare me, but the way they are twisted and inserted into the dream makes them really scary. I have them everytime I go to sleep now, even when I’m taking a little nap during the day. I wake up maybe twice at night and do not sleep well after that. I need those nightmares to stop. Why do you guys think this is happening?

Tags: asked March 23, 2014

2 Answers

Bad dreams are normally linked to things that go through our mind throughout the day. Perhaps you are suffering from certain things deep within and are overthinking situations and they are being played out in these nightmares that you're having.
Eating before sleep has been known to cause nightmares, so perhaps you are having some digestion problems? Also, having some sort of fears/sources of stress in your life can often induce nightmares. Without many details it's kind of very hard to determine what's causing those nightmares specifically. You can try to determine the source of those nightmares, try to analyze them and your life and find any similarities in how you perceive the images in your nightmares and how you perceive things in your life, and then try to get rid of them by dealing with your fears while awake.
Or you could try to get rid of them by learning to dream lucidly! It's fairly easy to do with practice and can help you overcome the nightmares from "inside."