Have you ever drifted of and thought something you weren’t supposed to ?


This is a weird question so if anyone has ever experienced this IDK please be patient.I was just listening to the lecture by the teacher and I drifted off to thinking how about if i could find a pill which which dissolved in water doesn’t show anything but if I drank it I ll die peacefully and that pill is something that makes it look like it was a natural death and so that my parents won’t be hurt and could just die easily and give up .
Weird I am I know ._.
What should I do ? Help ? pretty please with cherries on top

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3 Answers

I have wondered about death, and what it would mean if I died many countless times. But then I told this to someone I trusted and they helped me realize it was normal, people often think about it, yet I should be careful not do anything more than just think about it. I've changed since I talked to that special someone. Maybe you should try and find someone who can monitor you, and help you see clearer around you.
believe me ive had this thought and these types of thought processes many many times.. it happens. i agree with the person above, and i think it may be worth talking to someone! doesnt mean a therapist or psychologist, maybe a teacher you trust or a family friend or your older siblings or a parent if youd even like. believe me when you let a feeling as strong as that build up and get pent up inside you there are no positives that come from it..
I can't share it with my parents That's why I sort of thought about that pill ._. I know family is there . But am I so pathetic that only the person that actually care about me are only who are related to me (blood relations). sometimes I just wanna close my eyes and never wake up . never get up and study , never , just never ! Just wanna lay down . close my eyes and never wake up