Have I been dancing long enough to become a choreographer?


I recently started my second year of dancing this year and I am about to start taking technique classes for an hour and a half each week in addition to my 2 hour jazz/ballet class on Thursdays. My dream since I was about 10 years old was to be a choreographer, perform at Disney, and be able to just make dances for people to enjoy but each time I approached my mom about starting dance classes she said we would later and we never actually started them until last year(I’m not trying to make my mother out as a bad guy, just stating what has happened please don’t say anything bad about my mother as it was not her fault.) I also joined a dance team where I dance for almost 2 hours twice a week and perform on Fridays at football and basketball games. I would mostly be choreographing jazz numbers. I would also be continuing dance classes throughout college. I am currently a Junior in high school.

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I would imagine that it's like most other things: It doesn't matter how long you've been doing it, it matters how creative you are and how hard you work. Someone who has been dancing two years but has paid attention and practices a lot is going to know more than someone who has been doing it since they were four just getting by. I will say, though, that sometimes big dreams negate from enjoying ourselves. I am a martial arts instructor and sometimes the idea of being in the UFC distracts people from learning what they have to in order to get there. Good luck!