Have any ideas on living with chronic pain?


I am a 25 year old who has lupus which caused arthritis, tendinitis, lung problems, blood clots, chronic fatigue, and some amazing depression. I nearly died a couple of years ago from this damn disease and it had been difficult to cope with. I never know what could happen next because lupus can effect your entire body at any time and symptoms can come and go out start and stop at any time. I am too young to feel so old. Some days it’s all I can do to get up out of bed or drive to work. I have lost friends because I wasn’t able to keep up with my own life style. I just need some ideas for dealing with pain and keeping myself motivated to not give in to this thing that is trying so hard to kill me.

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My mother has lupus. She's battled it for years, and only recently been diagnosed. She too is still very young at 43 years old. I don't have any advice - however I can tell you how my mum has managed.She's very strong. And although she's in constant pain, she has managed to raise myself, and two younger brothers. She keeps a very active life. Though her illness stops her from working full time, she has a physical part time job, and she always says it motivates her to get moving in the morning - her love for her job.She also applies heat to her body frequently. Saunas, hot stones, electric blankets, and just warm towels. The heat apparently eases some pain, so often she'll have a heatbag on her joints and muscles.She sees a physiotherapist. Only once a month, but she always look so healthy afterwards.Being a very spiritual person, she collects gemstones and natural herbs etc. Herbal tea helps her sleep a solid night some nights, rather than waking up in pain.I guess when it comes down to it though, you just have to hang in there the best you can. Rest when you need to, and take avenues that work best for you. Maybe taking up a hobby or part time work will help with motivation?It all depends on what your body can handle.Good luck!
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Try a placebo. They don't actually do anything, but you'd be surprised how much better you feel when you just think you're supposed to feel better.

That or morphine.
I've dealt with a couple of people with lupus and I've seen the complications. What I can advise you is to try alternative methods of pain management such as light physical activities, just enough to keep you moving. Relaxation techniques. Socialization. Basically all that can divert your attention from pain. If those things still don't work I suggest you consult a pain specialist. An anesthesiologist that specializes on pain management so that you'll be provided with the appropriate medication with regards to your condition.
Chronic pain can be so crippling,i understand this because i live with it my self.And I am also a career
The meds I am on are suppose to kill a horse,lol,but only help to a degree.
You do however need to stay possitive and focus on good things going on around you. I find doing small things for others keeps my mind away from me and what I am going through.
Thats why I come here too, untill my body tells me to go stop or lay down.
Try to keep active,even if it means when you sit down dont sit still to long,move your body a little,doing small excercises,so your joints dont clam up. One thing I find is good too is doing hydrotherapy.The warm water is good on the joints.Or like me you may need to also to use an electric blanket on a high level, my body feels a little better when im in bed and the blanket is on me..
I wish you all the best.
Goodness, that sounds terrible. I am so sorry that you have such an affliction. In all good honesty, (unless it infringes on your integrity or beliefs) try cannabis. Anything is worth a shot. I can't see you being able to exercise if the pain is that severe. Rest and do things you love (that maybe don't involve physical exertion). Wishing you the best.