Has anyone got themselves into trouble whilst manic?


I seem to have gotten myself into trouble when I was manic. I was spending money on everything, including gambling (that is not something I usually do), I also did and said things that were not okay. Just wondering if there are any other maniacs out there? :)

Category: asked December 14, 2013

3 Answers

Oh yes! I've only had one real episode of mania (and it was precipitated by antidepressants). That was about 7 years ago... I'm still living down some of the social awkwardness/embarrassment. You are not alone.
I had two years of uncontrolable money spending spree which has thankfully finished two years ago, but it has left consequences, primarily on my bank account, but all these troubles have made me a better person I am today, and now I'm trying to fix the situation in the best way I can. I spent money on everything, but mostly on alcohol, gambling, clothes...everything materialistic.
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