Has anyone else had dreams of the future?


I’m wondering how many people out there have experienced this. It’s something that can’t be explained and interests me a lot. In the span of 2 weeks I had 3 dreams that ended up happening or very similar events occurred.

The first one being a dream of myself driving my friends car and getting into a crash. The same morning I woke up I heard sirens from ambulances outside. I didn’t see my friend at class later. There ended up being a crash on the road he lives on but fortunately didn’t involve him.

The second included a seemingly meaningless dream of working for 36 hours straight. I mentioned the dream to a friend I worked with and thought that was the end of it. Until a coworker started a conversation about working at an old job and having to endure a 36 hour shift that I had no previous knowledge of. My friend was also listening so was sort of a witness to the weird things happening.

The third took awhile to play out but inevitably came true. In the dream I came across a woman who needed help because she was entangled by vines. I helped her get loose but she got herself out at the end without my further help. Back in the real world I was already helping someone for the past 3 or 4 months. It got emotional and things got better for her as I tried helping support her. I helped her through a few traumatic experiences that were happening to her and ended up getting more and more attached to her. The feelings were mutual between us but an age gap made her feel a bit uncomfortable. Anything bad that could happen to her did happen. I always helped her through it though. Things got messy in the process though and we stopped talking. She’s doing better though. I helped her improve her life but in the end it was her, alone, that needed to change it for the better.

Anyone else have stories like this? I’m very interested in hearing them.

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I often have dreams of the future myself. I call them "prophecy dreams". Usually, they're of small moments in my life and can happen up to a year before the actual thing happens. I remember one time I had dreamt I was trying out for baseball, carrying my bag and everything out onto the field. I was in 6th grade at the time, and not allowed to do anything except cross country. I had no desire to join the baseball team at that time, as well. But nevertheless, a year later, I was carrying my bag to tryouts on the field.
I have a question...
Do you ever remember the situation between when you dream about it and when it happens?
If you can't then this honestly just sounds like deja vu. It happens to me and it happens to everyone as far as i can tell and it can be quite trippy.
Basically when you are making memories, occasionally your brain stuff up and gets the 'date' on the memory wrong and it makes you think that you dreamt it or had a premonition ages ago when it actual fact the 'old' memory is new but incorrectly dated.

I've had it happen heaps though, one of the weirdest was when i was working in a kitchen and the waiter dropped some glasses and i had this massive moment of deja vu, it was like watching everything in slow motion, for a second time.
@mouse1234 I do remember the order in which they happened. All dreams happened beforehand.
I've done this a lot, from something as mundane as picking up something at the grocery store and realizing it's a Deja Vu kinda thing... to something specific. I once had a dream about a bonus question on a math test. Had no idea how to do the problem, wrote down the answer I saw in my dream on a whim last second. Got it right, only person in the class. I'd even had dreams that my boyfriend was cheating on me for months before I eventually found out he was. So... yeah.
Yes, though a little more abstractly. My mom has a weird code that sort of predicts what's going to happen. (I think it's if she dreams she's giving birth, someone is going to die and vice versa) Whereas I've had several cases of Deja Vu and a couple cases where someone was trying to warn me of something in a dream, and a week or so later that thing happens. The most vivid/important of these dreams was the last dream I had before waking up at 7 for an 8am class: I had a dream that I was getting a huge cross tattoo on my back with a ribbon that said "in memoriem (grandpa's name)" When I woke up there was a missed call from my dad saying that Grandpa had passed away at about 5 that morning. I honestly believe it was him trying to say goodbye to me.Less depressingly, Ive also had one dream that felt like I was in some sort of shared dream/dream hub location. Basically there were other people wandering around this egyptian style room, a glowing earth in the corner, and a row of columns with a different colored gemstone at the top of each one. Everyone loked just as lost as I was, and on occasion someone would walk up to a column, touch it, and dissappear. The dream turned in to a different dream when I walked up and touched one of the columns (with a green stone, I believe), almost as if it was a portal to another dream. Also my 2 best friends and I once all had a dream that we were backstage at an awards show, and we all acted the same way in each dream.Currently I'm attempting to sort of control my dreams/find answers in my dreams about some things going on in my life. No idea if that's possible, but it's worth a shot.