Has a close family member of yours passed away from cancer?


My school has this course called an ‘Impact Project’ in which you are able to do an activity which benefits your community and I wanted to do something really close and personal to me and I was hoping for some advice.
My father passed away from cancer three years ago and I was able to fight through and make my self a better person because of it, however, I know that a few people still struggle with the pain and I was hoping I could get some ideas please if anybody has them of something I could do, (a book, a website) to help children who have had to deal with someone close passing away from cancer.
I understand that this isn’t what the site is for, but it would mean a lot to have your help.
Thank you.

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3 Answers

Its a good idea. would be good to probably have an online blog page written by someone who has been throughvthis loss of a loved one. so atleast people could then relate to there past feelings and how they personally got through the really miserable times. and would be good if they commented on the days now and how it eventually got better, and that how the person you have lost will never be lost from your heart and you have your memories which they will live in forever .
What kind of thing are you looking for? My uncle passed away from cancer about 10 years ago. Still struggle with it sometimes now but I have my ways of coping.
I think that is a fantastic idea! My grandpa, who I was very close to passed away about 3 years ago as well as my step-grandma who passed away from cancer a little over a week ago, it still gets to me and brings me down, but they're in a better place.I would start a website, giving people advice on what to expect when faced with a loved one being diagnosed with cancer, as well as a support group, and feel-good things. Good luck with whatever you choose! I'd love to see what you come up with. (: