Hairstyle power?


(I’m a girl)
Okay so lately I’ve been wanting to get my short bangs back because I’ve discovered how happy, cute and nice I look with them, while without them I look depressed even though I’m happy.
I must have an oval shaped face or something, anyhow..
I remember once a friend told me that hairstyles can change your social life and I’m really starting to believe it..
I mean, I’ve been wearing my long bangs like to the side, over my forehead and just pin them down.. And well, weird things are happening.
First, me and my friend who has been mad at me for a month finally made up,
My crush always talks to me now,
My ex friend is always sitting/standing next to me,
Everyone says hi to me..
O.o Is my theory actually true?
I just wanted to test this out since I was tired of looking so depressed all the time and bam..
I’m just wondering if this is all a coincidence or if bangs actually make me look nice and make my face more feminine or something.. I don’t know.

No, I’m not on drugs.
No, I’m not saying every girl without bangs looks ugly, it’s only me.

Also puberty still hasn’t hit my baby face so when I try to look mature without bangs I just look… Eh.
Maybe my face will mature and I could pull off hairstyles without short bangs.
People have told me that they suited me perfectly so I’m definitely getting them cut.
But do you guys think hairstyles can change your life?
Comment down below if you’ve had an experience like this before and what you think. :D

Category: asked February 11, 2015

1 Answer

I think that your world around you changes when you feel self-confident. People pick up on that energy, they think "Hey, there's a girl who knows what's up". When your self-esteem increases, you feel more confident to pursue the things you want, because you know you're worth it. You're happier when you feel like you can do whatever you want to in style, and other people can see it. You're more likely to talk comfortably with other people, you're more likely to take chances and overall things just become easier for you.
Unfortunately (especially for me) when your self-confidence plummets, so does you self-esteem and happiness. Being in your own skin makes you uncomfortable, you're scared to do things outside your comfort zone and talking to other people can feel like a nightmare. What if they think I'm creepy? What if they think I'm ugly? What if they completely ignore me?
Anyways what I'm trying to say is if a hairstyle makes your life a better place to live in, do whatever you can to keep it that way, my friend.