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There is this guy I had sorta liked durring summer break. He’s was almost everything I thought was suppose to be my perfect guy. Yet, something just didn’t feel right. I thought it was just my nerves because I had never been in a relationship before, but then, one day we tried holding hands durring a movie and everything just felt off. I didn’t get it, he was everything I thought my perfect guy was suppose to be, but I felt like we were better off as friends. My friends kept pushing me to go into a relationship with him, but I just couldn’t. Everyone always asks me why I didn’t date him, and I feel like I don’t have an adequate answer for then. He’s a super nice guy, but when I broke the news that I didn’t want to be more than friends we haven’t talked. I mean, I haven’t put much effort to talk to him, but we pass by eachother in the hallways and its always extremely awkward. I feel bad….was I just over-thinking the whole situation in the first place?

Category: Tags: asked October 5, 2013

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You know, you won't like everyone you date. That's why you date, to find someone, and you're probably not going to find them straight away. For every person we do like, there are thousands that we don't, and you're bound to get caught up with one every now and then. It's normal. You can't force feelings for someone and trying to will probably end badly, so it's good that you were honest with yourself and with him that you just weren't feeling it. You don't need to justify not dating him to anyone, but the good ol' "I just don't see him that way"/"it just didn't work out" is handy to have up your sleeve to get people off your back. You have nothing to be stressed or guilty about, because like I said earlier, these things happen, and it's normal. It's great that you can be honest with your own feelings and this awkwardness now is probably better than being pressured in a relationship with this boy that you just don't want to be with. I hope this helps.