Guilty from Release?


I’m a very active person sexually. Not actual sex but I masturbate anywhere from once to even four times daily depending on how bored I am or if there’s not enough to distract me. I have been sexually active in the past with my ex, and I’ve come to notice something in the aftermath of each encounter.

Is it “normal”, to feel a wave of guilt, or something similar to guilt wash over you after masturbating and or having sex? The emotion hits just after orgasm. You have that “thank god!” release, and then it steadily subsides and turns into a mildly depressed, “guilty” sensation. Why would I feel this way.

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3 Answers

Well that depends, to answer that, you have to consider hat you're feeling guilty for exactly. There are many reasons as to why you might wind up feeling like that. But like Moose said, it's entirely natural. Monkeys do it, pandas do it, it happens. I refuse to believe that no one has ever masturbated in one way or another whether they want to admit it or not. Don't work yourself up about giving yourself a little fun, we all do at one point or another. And there's nothing wrong with that.
You'd have to consult yourself for that answer. Ask yourself why, and pay intense attention to your impulses. Any feeling you don't feel like thinking about is a strong hint that it might be relevant.
That thing you do is bad, and you should feel bad! (just kidding)
I have a pet theory; I'm convinced part of the guilty feeling comes from a vitamin deficit while your body replaces your vital man-juices. Try taking vitamin tablets and get some protein, also stay hydrated and have a wash soon afterwards. Your body puts a flush of effort into looking and performing its best for mating purposes, also it takes time and resources to bulid up those reserves, and if you keep robbing your body of its life-goo then you will naturally suffer the resulting fatigue and this will affect your mood.
I'm sure there's some interesting articles about what happens to the body during arousal, but I'm not an expert or anything it's just a gut feeling i guess.